Joe Danger
Production information

Hello Games


Hello Games


Xbox Live Arcade / Playstation Network / iOs / Android

Release date

December 14th, 2011

General information

Joe Danger is a side-scrolling, racing/platform game developed by Hello Games. The motorbike stuntman, Joe Danger, must survive ten trials to defeat the members of Team Nasty. The game is played on a two-dimensional plane, with courses filled with obstacles including spikes, vertical loops, springs, oversized boxing gloves and barricade. In each level, players must complete objectives to collect stars.


The player takes control of Joe Danger as he nagivates his way through various courses. Joe is directly competiting against another group of stuntmen called Team Nasty. The player can move right or left, accelerating or reversing Joe's progress. The game is based in two dimensions, but various 'rails' can be switched to on the fly to navigate through obstacles. Tricks can be preformed while in midair. Preforming stunts will raise a boost meter which can increase the player's speed.

Joe Danger's level design contains elements from other games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Excitebike. Obstacles are thrown across the courses, including barricades, spikes, vertical loops, springs, conveyor belts, and oversized boxing gloves.

The primary goal of each level is to collect stars by completeing objectives. With enough stars collected, the course is cleared and access to the next course is revealed. Objectives can be completed in any order and can vary depending on the course. The most common objective is to simply finish the course within a time limit while scoring as many points on stunts as possible. Other objectives include collection coins, hidden stars, or D-A-N-G-E-R letters. Later levels introduce completing multiple objectives in a single try.

There is a sandbox mode with allows players to create their own customized tracks. By dragging and dropping objectives onto the course. This mode is also used in single-player mode as a means to introduce the player to new obstacles. The game contains a multiplayer made with up to four local players.